Brenda's Maze is located on the farm now known as Wagon Wheel Acres. 

The farm is owned by myself, Robert Foster a great-great grandson of the R. F. Foster, who homesteaded the farm in 1857 and has been occupied by his descendants ever since.  

I met and married Brenda Gratton two years ago and we moved in to occupy the main house and buildings.  

I operate an overhead door sales and service and Brenda teaches tots at a local early head-start school.

It was decided in early 2005 to wind down the door business a little and operate a corn maze to allow more time closer to home. 

It is hoped that it will prove to be enjoyable , give other people some enjoyment also, and allow us the chance to meet a lot of nice folks. 

The maze will be fairly simple this year and but we hope to add other activities in the next years to come.

Bob & Brenda Foster